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SoMAX - Revolutionizing the Way Devices Connect

Chung Hwa IoT is a technology company that provides innovative solutions for wireless communication, the Internet of Things (IoT), and energy management. Our SoMAX is a cutting-edge communication protocol offering extensive coverage and high-performance capabilities with true MANET capability. It provides mobile voice, data, and video services similar to 4G/LTE, with throughput comparable to fiber networks. SoMAX also accommodates fixed and mobile IoT services, ensuring true mobility in dynamic networks. It adapts to various network conditions and resources and supports diverse backhaul options, such as 4G/LTE, fiber, and ADSL. Once an adequate user base is established, SoMAX enables additional applications like real-time tracking, monitoring, and secure data transmission. While evolving, SoMAX promises to enhance future cellular deployments with scalability and adaptability. 

Our Services


SoMAX provides voice and data services similar to 4G/LTE, high throughput like fiber networks, and supports IoT services in fixed and mobile scenarios. SoMAX excels in dynamic environments, offering efficient data transfer, diverse backhaul options, scalability, and robust security measures.

Upgrading the EMS to SoMAX intelligent networks with micro-intranets can optimize the grid performance and transition to clean energy sources. Micro-intranets also enable broadband and AIoT services, and envision a seamless integration of power and information networks based on on-demand principles and F3b.

SoMAX CDU offers home internet via various sources and extends coverage using nodes—the same method applies to the apartments where individual coverage can be consolidated. Entire apartment blocks can create full building coverage. Hotspots expand to hot zones, hot blocks, forming a Smart City layer. Low-cost, user-friendly network systems offer seamless internet access across the city.

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